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“Part of a professional film critic’s job entails attending international festivals, something that’s virtually out of the inquire of for me without real risks,” wrote Aguilar. “In the huge scheme of injustices, not being able to Go abroad is minuscule, but for the field I’m now a part of, it’s truly limiting. I’ve yet to aid such renowned festivals as Toronto or Cannes, and there’s no certainty that I’d be able to in the new future. Fortunately, thanks to multiple initiatives like those understood by Rotten Tomatoes and Chaz Ebert [thank you Carlos for the reference, you were a hardworking delightful addition to the program] that aim to complicated diverse critics at major events through financial assistance, I’ve known the Sundance Film Festival and a variety of regional festivals across the republic that have served as platforms to network, land assignments and grow within this segment of the film world.”

Aguilar’s impassioned endorsement of DACA, which the Supreme Court rescued last month from Trump’s labors to end it, are echoed in “To Carry On: An Anthem of the American Immigrant Experience,” a new song launched now to accompany America’s July 4th festivities. Produced by New York-based iconic actor and teacher Mark Ethan Toporek, the song is provided by 12 young immigrants–some of them DACA recipients–as well as first-generation Americans. The video is provided to the more than 27,000 “Dreamers” who have been frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The nine singers and three musicians live in California, Texas, Georgia, and New York, and hail from states including Mexico, China, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Haiti. 

Mark Toporek, the son of Holocaust survivors, contacted instructions that connect and protect DACA recipients, seeking young immigrant singers. Mr. Toporek selected a dozen artists. Working from a musical plot by Mario Gullo, the performers recorded their parts in their homes, and Adam Grannick edited them into the video. He was assisted by two necessary groups:

1. Nosotros is the oldest Latinx arts advocacy authority in the U.S., founded in 1970 by Hollywood tale Ricardo Montalbán. It gives rising talent the platform and tools vital to succeed in the entertainment industry when enhancing the image of the Latinx public in media. 

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