Potato and daal kbab

Recipe: Appetizing Potato and daal kbab

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Potato and daal kbab. #aloodalkabab #potatolentilcutlets #cookwithshaheen #easycooking #homemadecooking Join me : Youtube Channel Subsribe. Egg Potato Kabab Recipe By Maria Ansari. Please Like & Subscribe my Channel for more Recipes.

Aloo kababs or potato cutlets are a multi-purpose dish that should be part of every home cook's repertoire of recipes. They are absolutely delicious with daal chawal, and a light kachumber salad on the side. They are a great snack in your kid's lunchbox, or for that matter, your own lunch box too! You can have Potato and daal kbab using 7 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Potato and daal kbab

  1. Prepare half of kg potato.
  2. Prepare 100 gms of dal chnna.
  3. Prepare 1 tbs of salt.
  4. It’s 2 tbs of peprica powder.
  5. Prepare 2 tbs of cumin powder.
  6. Prepare 1 tbs of garam masala powder.
  7. Prepare 2 of green chilli.

U can serve these kababs as appetizers, with Daal Chawal or even make Bun Kababs from them. For people who like their kababs crispier they can roll the kababs in bread crumbs after dippen them in eggs. Also before making every kabab if u put some oil in the palm of yr hands they won't stick & the. One of the best Chicken Potato Kabab Recipes.

Potato and daal kbab step by step

  1. Saoked dal in water for 2 hour..
  2. Take a pan add water.
  3. Then add potato and dall and add all ingrdeients cook for 35 minute..
  4. Mash potato and daal and make kbab..
  5. Take an egg and kbab dip into egg then fry..
  6. Ready to serve it..

Very quick and continent recipe for you to treasure. #HappyCookingToYou. Directions: In bowl,add boiled potatoes and mash it. Add chicken boneless,chicken powder,whole spice powder,salt,cumin seeds,white pepper powder,soy sauce,black. In a large bowl, combine the mashed potatoes and green peas with onions, coriander leaves, garam masala powder, red chilli powder, salt. Potato kababs – Wash and quarter the potatoes.

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